How to make your towels soft & fluffy

There’s no better feeling than stepping out of the bath or shower and wrapping up in a towel that’s fluffy and soft. Even on the busiest day, it can give you that pampered spa feeling for just a few moments of bliss. Yet, with repeat washing, towels can lose their softness and become rough and scratchy, leaving you wondering how to make your towels soft again…

Soften Towels In 4 Simple Steps:

  1. Follow our top tips to help soften your towels.

  2. Double-check the correct amount of laundry detergent you’re using: if you’re pouring in too much, this could be the reason your towels are feeling a bit stiff.

  3. Soap and bath products can get embedded in your towels, so washing them on a hot setting can help to break down and remove residue. Remember to consider the environment by running a cooler wash next time.

  4. Use a cool dryer setting to gently dry the towels. More heat will make them feel ‘baked’ with a hard consistency. For best results, add your favourite Comfort Fabric Conditioner to every other towel wash (softeners can reduce towels’ absorbency, so this will help them stay soft and absorbent).  Fabric conditioner makes towel fibres smoother, which makes them softer to touch. New Comfort Pure Fabric Conditioner protect towels from wear and tear, helping them to maintain its fluffiness for a longer time.
What’s better than a fluffy towel? One that smells as good as it feels. When it comes to fresh-smelling towels, the new Comfort Pure Fabric Conditioner has you covered with its gentle freshness. So, use a fabric conditioner to help towels stay in beautiful condition, and stay fresher for longer.