How to do baby laundry

Every parent wants to do right by his or her child, and when it comes to doing laundry – it’s no different. You want to know the best way to keep your baby’s clothes clean and stain-free, but most importantly, you want to ensure the detergent you are using is suitable for your baby’s skin.

Choosing the best baby laundry detergent:

When it comes to choosing a detergent for baby clothes, a parent’s immediate instinct might be to select a washing detergent designed to protect sensitive skin. But as your baby grows, the amount of mess they make will increase, and so will the amount of stains. Consequently, your focus might shift to a baby clothes detergent with the best stain removal power.
Although it might seem logical to go for baby clothes detergent or washing powder brands, as these are often considered to be the gentlest solution for baby’s sensitive skin. But regular detergent brands have the added benefit of enzymes: active ingredients that make light work for parents of breaking down tough protein stains like milk and food found on babies’ clothes.
Of course, not every garment can be washed the same way, woolens and clothing made out of natural fibres, whether adult or baby, should be handled with care. It’s a good idea to select a detergent specifically designed for washing these types of clothing to avoid shrinkage or damage and ensure effective stain removal.

How can I use a detergent to spot-treat stains?

Stain treatment of any type relies on speed – if a stain dries it will be much harder to remove. The great thing about laundry products, mainly liquid detergents, is that it can often be applied directly to stains, either before or after soaking, allowing the active ingredients to get working straight away. But remember:
  • All stains are not equal. Always look up a treatment method appropriate for the type of stain (some stains, for example, are better removed with cold rather than warm water).
  • Make sure you protect your hands with rubber gloves before you get started.
  • Always test your stain removal solution on a small, hidden part of the garment first to check there is no adverse reaction.
  • Mix laundry powder or liquid detergent with a little water to form a paste and apply to the mark with the back of a spoon; or rub liquid detergent straight into the fabric.
  • Additionally, use new Comfort Pure Fabric Conditioner to keep your baby’s clothes safe and soft. Its dermatologically tested formula is suitable for delicate baby skin. 
All in all – as long as you are using a good quality, baby-safe detergent, there’s no reason why you can’t use it to wash the whole family’s clothes.