Should I use Fabric Conditioner if I have sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, it’s important to take special care with the fabric softeners and detergents you use on your clothes. This is especially true if you’re washing clothes for babies, who naturally have more sensitive skin. Comfort Pure Fabric Conditioner has been specially developed for use if you or your family members have sensitive skin. Comfort Pure has undergone extensive dermatological testing and skincare research to ensure that it’s safe for sensitive skin. If you’re looking for a fabric conditioner for sensitive skin that’s safe for you and your baby’s clothes, then Comfort Pure has you covered. Comfort Pure is made with a unique formulation that’s specially developed to be gentle and mild, whilst still keeping clothes fresh. Pair Comfort Pure with a detergent and you’ll have the perfect washing partnership for delicate skin.

Extra Care Advice For You And Your Baby’s Sensitive Skin

  • Always wash new clothing before wearing, to remove excess dyes that can bother your skin.
  • Washing your clothes on a gentle cycle can help keep fabrics softer for longer and minimize their roughness against skin.
  • Keep your home free of dust and well-ventilated.
  • Wool is a common irritant (especially for babies and young children), so layer up with cotton undergarments to avoid skin contact.
  • A baby’s sensitive skin requires an extra gentle touch - keep it comfortable by applying a moisturiser after bath time.
  • Having sensitive skin doesn’t mean you should go without fresh-smelling, great-looking clothes. Use Comfort Pure in every wash to make sure your clothes look good and feel soft on your skin.