Using Fabric Conditioner In Your Machine Has Never Been Easier

Repeated machine washing with detergents can leave your clothes looking old, dull and lifeless, but fabric conditioners work extra hard to make your clothes fresh & fragrant. Comfort fabric conditioner coats each cloth fibre with a protective layer and prevents the damage caused by repeated washing, giving your clothes new-like shine and freshness that lasts all day long. 

How to use Comfort in your front-load machines?

If you have a front-load washer, your machine will have a built-in fabric conditioner compartment, and you can add Comfort Fabric Conditioner right when you add your detergent (check the manual as this varies between makes).  

How to use Comfort in your top-load machine?

If you have a top-load washer, it is possible that your machine has a built-in fabric softener dispenser on the side of the tub (check the manual as this varies between makes), and you can add Comfort Fabric Conditioner right at the beginning of the cycle. 

Comfort comes with a small dosing cap. Pour one cap full of fabric conditioner into the fabric softener dispenser. The machine will automatically dispense it during the rinse cycle, infusing your fabrics with shine, softness and freshness.

How to use Comfort in your semi-automatic machine?

When using a semi-automatic machine, add one cap full of Comfort during the last rinse. Be sure not to add it during the wash cycle since that will dilute the effect of the conditioner. Also, try to avoid direct contact with fabrics to avoid stains. 

Once your clothes have been washed, make sure they’re thoroughly dried. Line drying in particular helps your clothes get the ultimate in long lasting freshness that Comfort fabric softeners provide.