Ways to swaddle your newborn

When it’s nap or bedtime, your little one wants to be as cosy and snuggled up as possible. Swaddling is one of the best ways to do this. Swaddling is simply the practice of wrapping a blanket tightly around your baby. This calms them by making them feel secure, and helps them sleep without disturbance. Newborn babies are used to the comfy, warm space of their mother’s womb. Being swaddled
reminds them of that time. Mums and dads have known the brilliance of swaddling since the Palaeolithic times.

How to Swaddle a Baby:

You can use a muslin to swaddle your baby, if it’s just to keep them cosy and help with sleep. If you’re swaddling your baby to keep them warm, use a slightly thicker swaddling blanket. However, be sure not to let your baby overheat. Check the label on your swaddling blanket to see if you can wash it with a dermatologically tested fabric conditioner like Comfort Pure. Comfort’s unique anti-bacterial formula is especially designed for sensitive skin and it helps keep clothes soft and bobble-free.

Folding the Blanket

• Lay a soft swaddling blanket on a flat surface in a diamond shape.
• Fold the top corner down.
• Lay your baby on their back, with their neck on the line of the folded corner.

Tucking Your Baby’s Right Side

• Gently hold their right arm flat on their side.
• Pull the left corner of the blanket across their right arm and rest of the body and tuck it under them.
• Gently roll them towards your left, to wrap any remaining blanket under their back. Tuck it securely, but make sure your baby’s hips can still bend up and out. If you swaddle too tightly they won’t be able to move their legs, and this may cause hip dysplasia.

Tucking Your Baby’s Left Side

• Gently hold their left arm down.
• Pull the bottom corner of the blanket over the left shoulder.
• If there is leftover material, tuck it around their left arm.

Tucking Them In

• Pull the loose right corner taut, then bring it across their front.
• Roll them to your right slightly so you can wrap the corner round their back.